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Cosmetic Cases 

Cosmetic Cases
Cosmetic Cases or Jewelry Boxes are the central piece of a woman's boudoir,thay are like the woman's close friends, lovingly presents these handsome Cosmetic Cases designed to fit any woman's taste or desire. These cases are the perfect gift and she will love you for it! Production workers Xinlingshouqiao, pure handmade crafts skills, products can be designed peerless crafts.Oriental fans are worth owning.
  • Brocade Cosmetic Case
    Brocade Cosmetic Case

    We want to create a line that encompassed all the wishes and dreams of new baby;The most natural materials to surround your baby, the highest quality designs and construction, and most importantly the hope of a cleaner, kinder earth.Our organic baby cotton clothes are made from super-soft organic cotton making them chemical free, allergy friendly and super soft next to baby's sensitive skin. We have many chinese style baby cotton clothes , such as Qing Dynasty Prince Wadded Matching Set ,Red Brocade And Cotton Wadded Matching Sets , etc. You care about your baby and the environment. So do we!

  • Wooden Cosmetic Case
    Wooden Cosmetic Case
    Home wooden furniture impeccably crafted out of wood suit every home, from traditional to more contemporary styles. China craftsmen are known for creating timeless home furniture that is practical, beautiful and stays relevant even as the taste and lifestyle changes. Renowned artisans manufacture extensive range of wooden furniture and accessories for bathroom, living room, home office, kitchen and utility room.(2) Good bedroom wooden furniture does more than give a place to sleep or to provide storage. Bedroom wooden furniture crafted out of wood have a refined style and an inviting appeal. The best of it has grace, presence & qualities that seem in harmony with the setting. Throughout ages,China handicrafts have been globally famous for its skill and fineness of designs, specially on wooden items
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