Dark Red Golden Dragon Porcelain + Purple Sand Tea Cup

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Zisha (purple sand), is abundantly available in the locality. Although not as white or as fine as kaolin, it needs no glazing and, after firing, the product is solid and impermeable, yet porous enough to "breathe". A Yixing teapot or cup enhances the tea brewed in it with respect to colour, smell, and taste. Its walls seem to absorb the tea and keeps its fragrance. In summer, it keeps tea overnight without spoiling. With hot tea inside, it does not scald the hand with purple sand being a slow heat-conductor. But in winter, it may serve as a handwarmer and may be left on a low fire to make certain types of tea which need simmering. To the Chinese tea connoisseur, it is the "ideal teapot/teacup". Smooth red porcelain exterior and purple sand interior make this tea cup a beautiful appearance and good taste of boiling tea.Pretty color come from a very special technicsDecorated golden dragonDimensions: 5"1/2Wx6"HPreparation Time: 2-3 working days Note: Not including the display tray
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