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Koji Pottery, a.k.a. jiao-zhi Pottery or jiao-zhi Ceramics, is a low-temperature glazed soft pottery. The feature of Koji Pottery is of its colorful glazed painting, which is sparkling and translucent. In earlier times, Koji Pottery was used for wall-decorations in numerous temples in Taiwan. The sculptures of Koji Pottery mainly focus on mystery or legendary stories or historical literature.Chaiyi is the hometown of Koji Pottery, Japanese even called it "Chiayi Porcelain". All artisans have learned this skill in Chiayi. Kylin culture is the Chinese traditional folk culture. It can be regarded as a very good present to whom want a baby. Kylin is a visional animal that created by the ancient people. People put all good mind and good hope and good characters on this created.

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Made of Cochin Color:Green and Yellow Diamension:3.14"x2.48"x3.46" Price for each. Measurements may vary slightly. The Chinese unique folk handicraft. Preparation Time: 8-12 working days.
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