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In 1106 B.C., fans were used in daily life. However, the fans had a long shaft, and were not used to keep off the heat, but to keep off the dust raised by wheels of a cart. Round fans made of silk and framed with bamboo, wood and ivory appeared in 991 B.C. It was not until the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-220 A.D.) that fans were used by common people to enjoy cool air in summer. Round fans were first seen in China and remained the main shape of fans until the Tang and Song dynasties (618-1279 A. D.). Folding fans were invented by the Japanese. Introduced into China through Korea in the 11th century, they quickly gained popularity in China thereafter. Here we can provide you from round fans to folding fans, from silk material to bamboo material.
  • Hand Painted Silk Fans
    Hand Painted Silk Fans

    China is one of the oldest civilizations of the world and among the few that invented writing.Beautiful postcard with the chinese culture for the fashion life. You can learn a lot of history about china from these postcards. Also ,Your personal message will appear here. Space is unlimited and you can write and personalize your message to your friends as a gift. If you are a postcard connoisseur, you can find a better one from our website for collection.

  • Sandalwood Fans
    Sandalwood Fans
    This beautiful wooden incense burner is suitable for use with charcoal for resins or incense cones. It is recommended to line the inside of the burner with sand before using the charcoal and resin in the burner .These wooden incense burners are cut with different designs to allow the smoke of your favorite cone incense to waft about the room. Beautiful and very secure, the snug joining of base and pillar insures that the ash and heat produced will stay safely contained. This is beautiful hand made Wooden Carving, round incense burner. Our burners has been created utilizing hours of cottage workmanship.The final design displays and "highlights" artistic ornamentation, unique unevenness, and appearance.
  • Paper Folder Fans
    Paper Folder Fans
    The Toothpick holder will Keep your toothpicks in a sanitary enclosed compartment. With a turn of the knob a toothpick is dispensed one at a time. The Toothpick holder will keep toothpicks in a tidy bundle and at your fingertips on your table, counter or stovetop. Also a useful holder for cotton swabs, cocktail skewers or hairpins.Stainless Toothpick holder proudly displays your favorite team.Unique, unusual, and just plain wacky gift ideas like this stuff. If you are a Toothpick holder connoisseur, you can find a better one from our website for collection .
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