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For Men
  • Jackets
    The Tang costume stands for Chinese history and fashion culture.Today people can design the Tang costume as either formal or casual clothes. The Tang suit, will let you access all kinds of occasions more comfortable.A well-tailored, handsome jacket will make you the hit of any event! strives to provide the most refined, streamlined and handsome jackets on the market to enhance your rugged good looks...
  • Long Gown
    Long Gown

    Many people have learned a lot of elements of Chinese martial arts from the Kungfu movies,the Kungfu long gown is very popular.The collection lovers must not miss!Of course as daily clothes is also good choose.Cutting is fine, material is soft, to satisfy different dressing requirements.Our carefully crafted long gown feature updated styling, contemporary models, and elegant silhouettes. Be a legendary hero today with these flowing asian long gowns.

  • Pants for Men
    Pants for Men
    Our carefully crafted trousers feature updated styling, contemporary models, and elegant silhouettes.So silky smooth, it's hard to believe these shirts are made from easy-care, wrinkle resistant cotton blend! Lightweight pique is soft and supple for a comfortable,shrinkage is minimal.They are lustrous in color, supple, light, warm and comfortable to wear.These are not just garments for leisure wear, but for an active lifestyle.
  • Shirts

    Wearing the Chinese traditional shirts of smooth lines gives expression to carefree and incomparable elegance.A superior fabric styled with an eastern variation makes the man in these shirts stand out.It was exquisite,silk brocade and handmade.Does not occur, such as allergies and itching, therefore, such a material Paste wearing the most comfortable£¬hour wear well ventilated, convenient for rinse.

  • Kung Fu Suits
    Kung Fu Suits
    Kung Fu is one of the typical demonstrations of traditional Chinese culture. It is a sport which utilizes both brawn and brain. The theory of kung fu is based upon classical Chinese philosophy, while the skills of kung fu consist of various forms of fighting: fist fights, weapon fights, and other fighting routines (such as kicking, hitting, throwing, holding, chopping and thrusting) and unarmed combats. Here, we provide the suitable and comfortable kung fu suits to help you make progress and improvements in kung fu practices. Every kung fu suit is already marked with a deep discount without sacrificing the quality. Scroll down to find your favorite dress now.
  • Men’s T-shirts
    Men’s T-shirts
    Get the hottest T-shirts on the Internet, starting at! Choose from thousands of funny, vintage and other great T-shirt designs with Chinese character then customize to fit your size and style. An Oriental t-shirt can go with anything and look good. It's the most simple article of clothing, just put it on and it is ready to go. A good oriental t-shirts doesn't require any special care and it is always ready to give you a relaxed look and feel. We have its own special designs that captures the look and feel of China, Chinese culture and Chinese living. A Chinese T-shirt from gives you an individual style that is second to none.
  • Vests - Men
    Vests - Men
    A garment worn by men as a blouse front under a sweater or jacket.For cold winter, Windy weather in Spring.As the vest meet the basic needs of keeping warming of the people, at the same time, it serves as decoration and beautification.Add to the perfect outfit one of's elegant, tailored vests and get noticed every time you walk into a room! These vests are especially designed to heighten your good looks and strong personality...
  • Pajamas & Sleepwear
    Pajamas & Sleepwear
    Chinese Pajamas & Sleepwear are famous for its comfortable feel and the traditional design. We combine the high quality silk with the Chinese features together to provide you the best pajamas & sleepwear on the internet. Most of them are designed in Chinese character with delicate embroidery on them. Not only the amazing Chinese stylish appearance, but also the hand-feel of high quality silk. If you are deeply in love with comfortable family life, our Chinese pajamas & sleepwear are the best choice.
  • Men’s Accessories
    Men’s Accessories
    The product categories within which we work are: Menswear, leather goods, men's jewellery, pipe,key chain and so on.These accessories is important in a social situation for men.Designs that bring glamour to your life and will be cherished always.Simple but striking. Like the North Star ensouls the comeliness of the night sky, our hand-picked stylish ancillary items add by any means exotic and exuberant touch to your vivacious wearing.
  • Yukata & Geta
    Yukata & Geta
    The yukata is a japanese summer kimono worn by both men and women. The name yukata comes from the word "yu" (bath) and "katabira" (under clothing ).Yukata is widely used for everything from traditional Japanese dance wear to simple night attire to casual wear in the summer. This fine linen Yukata will definitely add a bit of Japanese flair into your life.In Japan, the yukata is the most popular daily clothing wear and is beloved for its 100% lightweight linen fabric. The fabric designs vary from the traditional plain cross hatch pattern to more colorful scenery designs.You will feel comfortable when you wear it.
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