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China's art handbags have all kinds of texture such as embroidery£¬brocade£¬linen,silk and so on.Unique design, elegance style, suitable for various occasions. The unique source of history and the custom of production and life brought an extremely development on the various shape and plenty of manner of the national-bag.Second only to shoes, handbags are your most important and visible accessory... Add elegance to any outfit with a matching handbag that will add to your beauty and presence from!
  • Beaded Bag
    Beaded Bag
    Another fine choices for an evening or daytime accessory, to compliment that fine dress or party wear of yours. Hand crafted beads painstakingly sewed on to a finely crafted handbag, to become the traditionally fashion beaded handbag accessory, for the modern women.
  • Linen Bag
    Linen Bag
    Texture and character are cultivated over time with these robust pure natural linen bags. Soft and practical, these are great to throw over the shoulder
  • Brocade Bag
    Brocade Bag
    Women's Handbag, Lady Handbag, Fabric Handbag, Chinese Handbag Silk, Chinese Handbag Take, Flower Handbag, Handkerchieves, Hand Embroidery, chinese embroidery, Embroidered Towel, Hand Paint, Floral Hand Paint Painted Pattern, Hand Towel, Craft Towel
  • Embroidered Bag
    Embroidered Bag
    These very functional and attractive chinese embroidered bags provide perfect storage for those weekend get-aways. Innovative design and jewel-tone threads set these dynamic bags apart from the pack!
  • Uncategorized Handbags
    Uncategorized Handbags
    Whatever your style, we have a handbag for you. GoodOrient carries hundreds of handbags from orientally ethnic, traditionally asian themed bags made of silk, embrodiery, and brocade.
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Showing 1 - 35 of 473 items

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