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This is a Fu character themed Chinese knot hanging. Take it with you or put one at your living room or office, fortune and wealth will be with you. Character "Fu" usually appears as a cultural symbol to express people's wishes for the coming new year. In oracle bone carvings, the Chinese character Fu looks like two hands placing a jar of wine onto an altar. The hands are offering wine to the Gods in the hope of obtaining blessing. Hence the meaning "blessing" The tradition of pasting the character "Fu" on walls, doors and doorposts has existed among the people for a long time. A large Fu character would often be found at the entrances of houses to bring a continuous flow of good luck through the door.The character can either be written or printed. The accompanying patterns usually include a variety of themes like the god of longevity, a birthday peach, a carp, a dragon and a phoenix as well as other themes. Size:15"Hx2"WPreparation time: 2-3 working days
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