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This is a "Treasures Fill The Home" themed beautiful Chinese hannging, with the God of Wealth holding a couplet of "Cai Yuan Guang Jin", it will bing you wealth if you put in your house or car. Various colors available. As a god that can bring in wealth and riches, the God of Wealth is worshiped by most Chinese. Each time of the Spring Festival, every family will hang a picture of the god for blessings of great luck and large wealth. It was originally a custom practiced by merchants, which then became popular amongst other folks and villagers. Moreover, people of different times and regions worship their own God of Wealth differently, such as the Civil God of Wealth, the Martial God of Wealth, the Deities of Wealth of Five Directions and the Angel of Fortune, as well as the orthodox one Zhao Gongming. The God of Wealth in folk beliefs is not a singular image but something appears as a group.Size:15"Hx2"W Preparation time: 2-3 working days
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