Happy Childhood Clay Figurine Series---Listening Music

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This is a happy child listening music clay figurine. The boy was semi-lying on the floor with a big headset over head. He was listening music absorbedly. With red body painting, black headset and blue scalp. There's a small fistful of lovely black hair over the forehead. With exquisite handwork, this clay figurine was quite vivid and lovely. It would be perfect for home decoration or as gift to your friends. Clay figurine is one of antiquated folk arts in China. The clay is taken as raw material and manually kneaded into a figurine and the sculptures are mainly the characters and animals. This kind of art can date back to the Neolithic Period. The time of pottery pig and sheep unearthed in Hemudu ancient cultural relic of Zhejiang Province is about six thousand to seven thousand years ago; the time of antique pottery, clay pig and clay sheep head unearthed in Peiligang ancient cultural relic of Xinzheng, Henan Province is about seven thousand years ago. However it was until the Ming and Qing dynasties that the clay figurine had been substantially produced and became one of the main artworks in the mass's cultural life. Size:2"3/4Lx2"W Preparation time: 2-3 working days
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