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  • Ashtrays
    Searching for the perfect cigarette accessory for the stogie smoker in your life? We offer several cigarette ashtrays at great price. We have all makes, shapes and sizes, including glass, metal, and also a beautiful selection of wooden cigarette ashtrays if you want to go with the more sophisticated look. Many of our ashtrays are even engravable! Personalize and create a unique and custom gift wonderful for any special occasion. We also provide elegant and beautiful crystal cigar ashtrays for cigar and cigarette aficionados.
  • Boxes & Containers
    Boxes & Containers
    Everyone loves opening a pretty box to see what treasure is hiding inside! Treat your guests to gourmet candies or other treats, nestled inside beautifully designed Oriental boxes and tins in a variety of shapes, styles and colors. Not only will they be excited about the contents, but you'll also have attractive Oriental boxes and tins to blend in with your table d¨¦cor. Take out boxes, bakery boxes, plastic boxes, and so much more can be found in our huge selection of boxes and containers. Any shape, size, or color will be found amongst all of our boxed products.
  • Candle & Holders
    Candle & Holders
    Add a touch of class to parties, weddings, special events, and homes with our exotic range of candle & holders. Crafted using silver, gold and rhinestone accents, these are used for creating special atmosphere and can ideally be used to illuminate tables, hallways or rooms. Each candle & holder that we offer is a master-piece and can be used on every occasion for every mood type. Add enigmatic charm to your surroundings with our candle holders. Perfect exquisite symbols of true romance and mystic bliss, you can use these candle & holders to bring out the soulful spirits of magical lights.
  • Kitchen
    Love of food is the inspiration behind GoodOrient. Over the years we have come to appreciate how a well equipped kitchen adds so much to the pleasure of cooking. Whether you are roasting, toasting, baking, stewing, preserving or simply making a salad, having the right cookware, bakeware, kitchen gadgets and kitchen knives makes all the difference. Whatever you are looking for, with over 4000 items in stock, we hope to have the product you are searching for. We are constantly looking at ways of improving our site, so that you can have the best possible shopping experience and we hope you find that piece of cookware or kitchen gadget you need.
  • Room Decor
    Room Decor
    How do I decorate my room?" Bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom, you can start decorating from one by one. What are the most essential things to have in an apartment to make it look beautiful? What is the best way to accentuate the beauty of your home interiors? With the home decorations we give you here, designing your home in your own unique way won't be all that difficult. Scroll down for some very innovative home decorations.
  • Stationeries
    All of our stationeries are full of Oriental features. Add your table a special taste. Our office stationery range covers all the things you'd expect to find on or around your desk. We are happy to assist you with invitations, personalized stationery, greeting cards, pencil holders, and other stationeries. Feel free to browse the categories above to get a better look into our large supply of in-stock and special order items. If you think you may be interested in anything we carry, simply stop by the store or contact us right away through the form at the right.
  • Chinese Lanterns
    Chinese Lanterns

    Lanterns, a special handicraft product of Chinese tradition, are widely used for decorations in the country on festivals and holidays, on weddings and other personal celebrations. Specifically, according to the Chinese tradition, at the very beginning of a new year, when there is a bright full moon hanging in the sky, there should be thousands of colorful lanterns hung out for people to appreciate. At this time, people will try to solve the puzzles on the lanterns and eat Yuanxiao (glutinous rice ball) and get all their families united in the joyous atmosphere. The Chinese lanterns will help create joyous atmosphere and they became a symbol of celebration that indicate auspicious. Nowadays, more and more people buy lanterns for decoration. Here we provide you more choices to select one.

  • Feng Shui
    Feng Shui
    Feng Shui, which literally means Wind Water is an ancient Chinese metaphysical discipline that study how mankind is affected, for better or for worst, by the surroundings. The surroundings in this sense is not just limited to the nearby features, such as mountains and rivers or the internal arrangement of the home or office, but also includes astronomical influences. Here we GoodOrient provide you a large range of Feng Shui objects to gain good luck.
  • Tea & Tea Sets
    Tea & Tea Sets
    The simple act of preparing and drinking a cup of tea can refresh and comfort the body, mind and spirit.Chinese Tea Sets, a wonderful way to share a cup of tea with friends, family and soul mates. The perfect gift for Tea Lovers !
  • Mirrors
    These wonderful mirror-back designs incorporate more than beauty and simple decoration, however, as each exotic pattern contains deeper meaning. The Dragon and the Phoenix design, inside its harmonious circle, represent a balance of Yang and Yin, or male and female energy.
  • Chinese Writing Sets
    Chinese Writing Sets
    The modern Chinese calligraphy set is comprised of the brush, ink, paper, and inkstone. Collectively they are known as the Four Treasures of the Study. In Chinese calligraphy, the traditional writing instrument is the brush. The common brush has a bamboo body and a head of weasel fur or fine chicken feathers. Inkstones in their simplified form are stone mortar used to grind the rods of ink, and hold ink after the water has liquefied the fine ink powder. Chinese calligraphy paper is a special type of paper which differs from common writing paper. In China, this paper is called Xuanzhi, and is traditionally made in the province of Anhui. The Four Treasures of the Study is the essential for every calligrapher.
  • Vases
    Welcome to GoodOrient Vase Homepage! Artisans craft designs ranging from rustic ceramic vases to modern art glass vases. Whether you wish to place wildflowers in your kitchen, or accent your window sills or coffee tables, you're sure to be delighted by these fantastic ceramic vases, crystal vases, blown glass vases and art glass vases.
  • Clocks
    Clocks on our site feature a collection of some of the finest wall clock manufacturers in Asia and include elegant, classical, contemporary and unique designs. You'll also find many different styles, such as chiming key-wound clocks, chiming quartz, large decorative and many other fine pendulum chiming clocks. A clock compliments any living room or family room and can also be a classy accent for the office. So browse these collections or let our experts help you find the "gift of time".
  • Aromatherapy
    Aromatherapy is not just some "New Age" fad. It dates back more than 5,000 years and is one of the oldest methods of holistic healing known to humankind. In those ancient times, we depended on our immediate surroundings for our needs, and discovered that certain herbs and aromatics were useful in preserving food or treating ailments. Often, we learned from watching the animals around us. Ancient Chinese civilizations were using aromatics, or aromatherapy. Shen Nung's classic herbal book dates back to 2,700 BC and is a virtual aromatic encyclopedia of more than 300 plants and their uses. The Chinese also discovered that aromatics had applications beyond just medicine and cosmetics, and used incense and burning woods in religious ceremonies to show respect to our gods, a tradition still practiced today. Chinese aromatherapy was also linked to massage and accupressure.
  • Home Textiles
    Home Textiles
    Home textile is a flexible material consisting of a network of natural or artificial fibres often referred to as thread or yarn. Yarn is produced by spinning raw wool fibres, linen, cotton, or other material on a spinning wheel to produce long strands.Home Textiles are formed by weaving, knitting, crocheting, knotting, or pressing fibres together . Home Textiles can be made from many materials. These materials come from four main sources: animal (wool, silk), plant (cotton, flax, jute), mineral (asbestos, glass fiber), and synthetic (nylon, polyester, acrylic). In the past, all textiles were made from natural fibres, including plant, animal, and mineral sources. In the 20th century, these were supplemented by artificial fibres made from petroleum.
  • Health & Beauty
    Health & Beauty
    Health is the general condition of a person in all aspects. It is also a level of functional and/or metabolic efficiency of an organism, often implicitly human Beauty is a characteristic of a person, animal, place, object, or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, meaning, or satisfaction. Beauty is studied as part of aesthetics, sociology, social psychology, and culture. An "ideal beauty" is an entity which is admired, or possesses features widely attributed to beauty in a particular culture, for perfection..Health and Beauty ¡ª Look chic and stay in shape without spending a fortune! Learn tested tips for keeping you beautiful and healthy, inside and out.
  • Chinese Cups & Mugs
    Chinese Cups & Mugs
    We specialize in fine china for your tea or coffee enjoyment. Did you know that sipping your favorite coffee or tea from a china cup and saucer, or china mug is a wonderful experience compared to your usual ceramic cup or mug? China is visually pleasing, strong and elegant. China makes an ideal piece for your own collection or given as a unique and special gift. China has a whiteness and translucency that makes it superior to casual ceramics. But don't restrict your china to special use only. A china cup or mug is less likely to succumb to chipping and stresses of everyday use than those cheaper ceramic counterparts.
  • Chinese Game
    Chinese Game
    "Chinese Chess is fascinating and fun! Like traditional chess, chinese chess is very challenging. Chinese chess is quickly becoming accepted in the Western world by both Asians and Americans alike. For those that are new to chinese chess, the markings on each piece quickly become familiar. Chinese chess sets can be obtained from a number of sources. Mah Jong is an ancient Chinese game that is now popular all over the world! Where the Winds Blow has everything you need to play the Mah Jong game. It is one of the most exciting games to be found, and makes for some superb social gaming, both online and off. This is a tile game that has its roots in ancient China. To enjoy Mahjong to its maximum potential, it is imperative to purchase a Mahjong set that will give you a lifetime of service."
  • Musical Instruments
    Musical Instruments
    Music is one of the four arts in ancient China. The history of Chinese music can be dated back to about 7,000 years ago. Chinese music instruments may be classified into the following three categories, string, wind, and percussion instruments. String instruments may be further divided into the two sub categories, bowed string instruments and plucked string instruments. They were also traditionally classified by the material of which they were made. To find more Chinese musical instruments, please see the objects below.
  • Wall Decor
    Wall Decor
    Wall decorations can fully show the style and taste of the owner of a house. Good Orient has carefully chosen a variety of exquisite Chinese-style wall decorations for our customers to make your house in a special and artistic style. Choose Chinese calligraphy, painting, framed art and embroidered works as wall decorations from good orient, and your house will present a new and classical look.
  • Bamboo Products
    Bamboo Products
    Currently, bamboo is one of the hottest "green" materials on the market. Environmentalists love it, not only because of its carbon-storing capacity, but also because bamboo grows abundantly without the need for fertilizers and pesticides. Now many people are big fans of fashionable bamboo products. Good Orient is offering a series of bamboo products, including bamboo charcoal, bamboo slips, penholders, funiture, etc, to decorate your house and office beautifully, uniquely and ecologically! Take bamboo charcoal for example, bamboo charcoal is made up from pieces of bamboo, which burned inside an oven at temperatures over 800, is an environmentally functional material which has excellent absorption properties to expel smell, kill bacteria, keep health and to nourish facial and body skin.
  • bedding sets
    bedding sets
    The basics of a wonderful night's sleep are easy to master with our Asian style bedding sheets for everyday comfort, and memory foam options for added support where you need it. Style, quality and value are the qualities that describe our collection of cheep bed sheets that are made of rayon, brocade, faux-fur textured fabric and silken fabrics in Chinese and Japanese inspired prints. Our Chinese bed sheets sets come in many styles and twin, full, queen and king sizes. Make your room come alive to welcome the luck even while you are asleep with GoodOrient's Bed Sheets.
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