Inner Painting--Two Dragons Playing The ball Crystal Ball

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Note: This product is custom-made with high quality material and exquisite inner painting, so it has a high decorative and artistic value. It is said that inner painting was emerged between the years of Qianlong and Jiaqing (two Qing Dynasties) ,so this unique Chinese art has a history of more than 200 years. Here is an legend of its origin. In the late years of Qianlong (a Qing Dynasty), a businessman went to Beijing for business and then addicted to snuff. Unfortunately, his business failed and all money run out, he had to lodge in a poor temple. Due to the snuffing addiction, he dug the remainder on the inside surface of his snuff bottle by a smoke-pick. As a result he drew many marks in it. Later a Buddhist monk saw this and got an inspiration. He then dug a picture of bamboo with hook inside the surface of a transparent bottle. This may be how the inside-painting snuff bottle occurs. Then inner painting has been widely used in the crystal ball, necklace, tea set, wine set, powder case etc. At the beginning the skilled painters painted on the inside surface of the transparent glass or crystal hollow ball. It is difficult to finish the inner painting because of the smooth surface. Then the snuff bottle is filled with iron sand and emery, shaken and rubbed. In this way the skilled artist can paint many complicated pictures, such as the figures, flowers, birds etc. All work should be done with great care. From the years of Guangxu to early 20th century, the art of inside painting reached its prosperity. To make an inside painting, painters must work on the rubbed inside surface throughout the hole of the crystal ball, and paint in reverse with a specialized brush. Because of vivid painting and skilled techniques, the crystal ball looks magnificent and smooth. And it has won the admiration of millions of people from home and abroad. Made of fine crystal glass with two dragons as its inner painting, this crystal ball has a high decorative and artistic value. In Chinese culture, dragon is the symbol of imperial power and high rank, only the imperial family is entitled to use the crystal ball with dragon patterns. According to Chinese Fengshui, the crystal ball may be as a talisman in the house, and it will bring you good luck and fortune. Material: High-quality glass Ball diameter:4"3/8 Height: 6"3/8 Preparation Time: 2-3 working days
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