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Inner Paintings 

Inner Paintings
Inner painting, also known as inner drawing or inside painted, is a Chinese art form. It involves glass bottles which have pictures and often calligraphy painted on the inside surface of the glass. The bottles are produced by manipulating a specialized paint brush through the neck of the bottle. Inside-painted bottles are associated with Chinese snuff bottles. The earliest inside painted bottles are thought to have been made in the period between 1820 and 1830 as, by then, the beauty of a snuff bottle was probably more important than utilitarian considerations and considering this few would have been used for holding snuff. Here we GoodOrient provide you all kinds of inner painting arts.
  • Snuff Bottles
    Snuff Bottles

    Chinese snuff bottle has been a kind of Chinese art for 200 years. Painter painted on the inside surface of the transparent glass snuff bottle.

  • Crystal Inner Paintings
    Crystal Inner Paintings
    Tibetan custom is as well known as the offering of a scarf in greeting. The scarf is an auspicious symbol. It lends a positive note to the start of any enterprise or relationship and indicates the good intentions of the person offering it. Tibetan scarfs are offered to religious images, such as statues of the Buddha, and to lamas and government. officials prior to requesting their help in the form of prayers or other services. Tibetan is Used in Tibetan Customs For Offerings and greeting. Whenever Tibetan People visit one another, or receive or visit a lama, they offer a scarf as a symbol of all things good. Also used adorning altars and Diety paintings . at this time, or at the very end, but this is not strictly necessary. Either for personal use or as a gift to friends, our Wallets would be a perfect choice for you.
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