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These are short recitations (the Chinese say singings) of rhymed verse stories to the beat of clappers made from pieces of metal, wood or bamboo. Like rap, clappertales had their origins in an underclass; beggars who went from shop to shop making up semi-extemporaneous verses. Lucky verses if you gave, scolding depictions of your faults if you did not. Clappertales only entered the variety show stage in the '40s but remain, like the Crosstalk, widely popular today. The clappertale beat has a hypnotic quality as it urges the verse forward. The appeal is visceral and, in the hands of an expert, subtle as well. Are you nearly as fast a the Woodpecker when it comes to speaking? Run amok with the rhythm of tradition in Kuai Ban! A popular form of Chinese folk art, Kuai Ban challenges both the physical, linguistic and mental dexterity of any performer. Master the deceptively simple bamboo castanets and recite classic verses. You will never look at Mandarin the same way again! Dimensions: Big: 2"1/2x7"Small: 1"3/4x4"1/2Preparation Time: 2-3 working daysThankYou
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