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Traditional Chinese Festival Tang padded Clothing for Boys

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Brocade Mandarin Collar Plum Blossom Evening Dress Chinese Dress Qipao

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70cm width Silk Fabric with Tibetan Clothing Design

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70cm width Silk Fabric with Dragon Design

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The lacquer ware is one of exquisite Chinese crafts. Chinese lacquer ware has a long history dating back as early as the New Stone Age. Chinese lacquer is a natural varnish made from the sap of the lacquer tree. China is abundant in lacquer resources. Exposed to air, it forms a plastic coat, resistant to water, acid or alkaline corrosion. To make lacquer ware, a base coat is applied to a core material, followed by extremely thin layers of the finest lacquer. Once these have dried, a final layer is added to make the lacquer strong and light, whilst maintaining the elegant appearance and harmonious color. It was in the Tang, Song and Yuan dynasties, when the lacquer ware production started to flourish.
  • Carved Cinnabar Lacquers
    Carved Cinnabar Lacquers
    Lacquered art pieces have been produced in China for many centuries. Lacquer is produced from the sap of the lac tree. Various pigments are added to the resulting lacquer to change its color, and then the lacquer is applied in many coats to an art object. After many coats, the lacquer is carved, producing unique designs, patterns, and subjects. On lacquer, which was prominent throughout China, was cinnabar lacquer, which was made by mixing a seemingly innocuous mineral called cinnabar with lacquer.
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