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Ginseng, the Chinese name for this sweet licorice-flavored root is "human-shaped root" and indeed some have extraordinarily human shapes. This rather amazing plant has been credited for centuries with being everything from an aphrodisiac to a restorative. Recent scientific discoveries have linked ginseng to the treatment of high blood pressure. In Chinese culture, the Ginseng is a symbol of longevity.The Yu Yi [Ru Yi] originally used by high-ranking officials of the Imperial China, grew to become a symbol of power and authority. It is also carried by one of the Three Stars, Look (from Fu Look Saul). Look; represents abundance and wealth. The delicate jade scepter symbolizes wealth and protection from evil or misfortune. It is no wonder that the Chinese rank jade as the most precious stone, worth far more than diamonds or pearls. This strengthens the belief that the Ru Yi can enhance a person's career. In Chinese culture, objects made of jade were considered emblems of temporal powers and wealth. Bring the mystical power of jade to your wardrobe with this Longevity and Satisfaction Jade Decoration from ChinaMaterial: JadeDimensions: 8"x3"x13"Preparation time:> 2-3 working days
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