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According to Chinese Feng Shui, a jade ornament may be as a talisman to put in your house and bring you good luck and fortune. The raw material is a natural jade stone. A skilled craftsman makes the best use of natural color and shape of the raw material, and he finally carved it into a jade cup shape. In China, jade carving dates back to the late Old Stone Age. By the late New Stone Age, jade ornamens such as bi (pierced disc), zhui (pendants), earrings and beads had appeared. In the Shang and Zhou dynasties(11th century B.C.-256B.C), jade articles were used as ritual objects and symbols of personal morality or political authority. Jade has been cherished by the Chinese as a symbol of many virtues. Its hardness suggests firmness and loyalty, and its luster projects purity and beauty. Typical of jade carving are flowers, birds, animals, vases, incense burners, and human figures, especially beautiful women from popular fairy tales and legends. If you choose a gorgeous jade cup from Good Orient to decorated your house or office, your house will be in a classical and tasteful look.Material: Jade Dimensions: 2"H??â??ÿ?"3/4L??â??ÿ?"3/4WPreparation time:> 2-3 working days
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