Magnificent Dark Blue Peony Kimono Robes

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In a Hollywood movie, named Memoirs of a Geisha, Japanese Kimono made a deep impression on the audience. The kimono is the national costume of Japan. Originally the word "kimono" literally meant "thing to wear", but now has come to denote a particular type of traditional full-length Japanese garment. This kimono is T-shaped, straight-lined robe that fall to ankle, with collar and wide, full-length sleeves. Made of fine soft cotton with flourishing peony patterns, this elegant kimono has a high artistic and decorative value. Kimono is wrapped around the body, always with the left side over the right and secured by a wide belt called an obi, which is usually tied at the back. The long sleeves are designed in loose styles with cuffs half sewn, so you may put your personal accessories in them. The kimono has free-style peony designs dyed over the whole surface and it is tailored with full lining, so you will be comfortable and graceful in it. The pattern of the kimono can also determine in what reason it should be worn. For example, a pattern with butterflies or cherry blossoms would be worn in spring. Watery designs are common during the summer. A popular autumn motif is the russet leaf of the Japanese maple; for winter, designs may include bamboo, pine trees and plum blossoms. If you are wearing such a gorgeous kimono at wedding, tea ceremonies and some special or formal occasions, you will be more elegant and charming. V-neck double collars Quadrate long sleeves Flourishing peony pattern Including a matching belt Fabric: Cotton Full lining Ankle length Color available: Orange Cuff width: 17" Waist Belt: 44"Lx8"W Preparation time: 2-3 working days
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