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Traditional Chinese Festival Tang padded Clothing for Boys

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Brocade Mandarin Collar Plum Blossom Evening Dress Chinese Dress Qipao

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70cm width Silk Fabric with Tibetan Clothing Design

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70cm width Silk Fabric with Dragon Design

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Buddha bracelet or mala is perhaps more commonly known as a rosary bracelet or prayer beads. Buddhist beaded bracelets are used to keep track of rhythm while chanting or meditating. These bracelets have much in common with the Christian rosary.The beads are called different things depending on what culture is practicing Buddhism, but all of the cultures center around the same thought of counting the beads while chanting a mantra. These beaded bracelets or rosaries are actually called Malas. The way to use these beaded bracelets is that one is generally to hold the bracelet in the left hand and pull one bead forward each time a mantra is recited. This is done because it is said that this movement will bring forth great blessings.

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