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Chinese masks are legend. The tradition of mask making in China and other Asian countries reflect the religious and culturally rich customs of each specific group of people. From the Buddhist masks of Tibet to the royal masks of Beijing, Asia's love of masks is abundant. You can get in on this tradition by using Chinese masks in your home. Let us help you find and decorate with some beautiful Chinese masks.
  • Peking Opera Mask
    Peking Opera Mask
    The facial makeup of Peking Opera, as a way of facial dressing for different roles in the opera, varies greatly from role to role. The facial makeup is made through exaggerating or specially designing the facial expression of the actor or actress according to conceptualized understanding of the role in the opera.
  • Masquerade Party Masks
    Masquerade Party Masks
    We are Success Creations, and we have been designing and creating unique and beautiful masquerade party masks for over years. We know how important looking good at your masquerade ball is to you, and so we create our masks with one goal in mind: to give you a mask that will make you turn heads, look amazing, and be the "Belle of the Masquerade Ball"! The mask has a plastic shaped headband that allows it to swivel down over the face or up over the head. Available in One Size Fits Most Adults. If you are a masks connoisseur, you can find a better one from our website for collection.
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