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Such handsome of this hanfu style jacket with original as well as special design that brings an optimistic approach when wearing it.In addition, this brand of jacket has its unique design in pattern, which provide a sanguine compliment when put on view. Furthermore, by its material of high-grade material is the leading sophistication which might bring an adoring elegance when worn showing it.Equally important,this is the top choice as well as apex selection of jacket that will be surely be admired. The word Tang Zhuang (or Tang costume) originally referred to the attire of the Tang Dynasty, but today, it refers not to apparel developed from Tang Dynasty, but is the common name for all Chinese attire. And the Tang Zhuang of today takes the basic elements of Chinese traditional culture as its foundation, and integrates a variety of different style elements. Made of Bast fibre and leaf fibre Color:Grey and Blue V-neck collar Long sleeves Price for each. Measurements may vary slightly. Maybe the pattern design slightly difference with the picture. Preparation Time: 7-12 working days.
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