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A marble style scroll painting pen holder. It was painted with Bamboos on one side and Chinese poems which was extol the integrity of bamboo. The body of this holder was hand made by pottery and looks like top quality marbles. The bamboo is the most popular plant in China. Every village in Southern China is surrounded by bamboo groves. To be Chinese is to feel at home with bamboo. In traditional Chinese culture, bamboo is a metaphor of vitality and longevity, which usually relates to man who has exemplary conduct and nobility of character. There is a beautiful myth about bamboo. In remote ancient times, two of the emperor Shun's concubines were very sad over Shun's death and cried all day long; finally they committed suicide by drowning themselves in the river. The concubines' tears shed onto the bamboo forming some mottles on them, which were called mottled bamboos in later generations. Made of top grade pottery Measures:7"Lx2"1/2Wx5"H Preparation time: 2-3 working days
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