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Kimono is a kind of Japanese traditional national costume, sort of like the garment in the Tang dynasty. It is an ankle-length gown with V-neck double collar and long sleeves. This dress is made of silk with simple but elegant patterns, so it feels very soft and comfortable. The long sleeve is in a loose style, and it is decorated with gold-colored floral trimmings. On the waist you will see a wide obi go well with the beautiful trimmings. Traditional Kimono has complicated step for the Japanese to wear. But now our designer has made some modifications and it is much easier to wear. Choose some accessories,(fan, umbrella) and you will be more elegant and graceful in kimono.

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Garment worn by Japanese men and women from the Early Nara period (645 ¨C 724) to the present. The essential kimono is an ankle-length gown with long, full sleeves and a V-neck. It is lapped left over right across the chest and secured at the waist by a broad sash known as an obi. The contemporary wide obi dates only from the 18th century. Though the kimono is originally of Chinese origin, its great beauty is attributable to 17th- and 18th-century Japanese designers.This is a new product from We'll upload our new stylish Kimonos one by one. Not like the fussy of the real traditional Japanese Kimonos, we keep the beauty of the Kimono, but delete the complex steps to wear. This red silk kimono is very comfortable and soft and easy to wear. Just use a simple sash, you can wear it well with the similar appearance of the traditional one.V-neck double collarsQuadrate long sleevesMid-calf length.Lucky check pattern.Golden flower trimmingIncluding a matching belt.Fabric: brocadeFull liningColor available: Pale goldenCuff width: 14"1/2Waist Belt: 39"Lx10"1/4WPreparation time: 2-3 working days
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