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Peach wood is used to put down evil things and to protect the health and safety of families in ancient times.Entirely handmade wooden comb with smooth and even curved teeth, perfect for daily use.Zhen Fie is the favourite concubine of Qing emperor Guangxu. She married the Emperor on February 25, 1889 and was granted the title of Zhen Fei. At the beginning, Cixi very much appreciated Concubine Zhen's talents, and hired China's top artisans to teach her painting and playing musical instruments. However, Concubine Zhen urged Emperor Guangxu to be "strong and independent", and encouraged his attempts to reform and to learn foreign languages. It was also said that the Zhen Concubine liked photography, and invited European people into the Forbidden City to learn more about it. Cixi's niece, Empress Long Yu, whom Cixi chose to be the Empress Consort of Guangxu, was extremely detested and ignored by Guangxu. Empress Long Yu used to report Concubine Zhen's rebellious behaviors to Cixi, and at times exaggerated them. Cixi's vigilance towards Concubine Zhen grew. Zhen's association with foreign customs, in addition to her peculiar habit of dressing in men's clothes, inspired even more disdain from Cixi. Once, in response to her arrogant attitude, Cixi teased Concubine Zhen by calling her "Grandma Zhen". However, after her cooperation with Emperor Guangxu to stage a military coup attempting to force Cixi giving up her power, Concubine Zhen was imprisoned.Measure: 6"1/4x1"1/2 Preparation Time: 2-3 working days
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