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Mu Guiying was a Woman General of The House of Yang.Mu Guiying's Story:General Yang Yanzhao's teenaged son, Yang Zongbao was sent on a mission to seek out the daughter of a military tactition who was rumored to have the secret to breaking the Heavenly Gate formation.The girl that he was sent to find was none other than a 19-year-old girl named Mu Guiying.Yang Zongbao came across a few women in a forest, not realizing that one of them was the woman he sought.The women toyed with him, and Mu Guiying finally revealed her identity, but refused to give up the secret of defeating the Heavenly Gate unless he could beat her in a series of fighting duels. The penalty for losing would be that he would have to marry her.What the young Yang Yanzhao did not realize was that in this rather chivalrous period in China, Mu Guiying was not only a cunning warrior, but was choosing her own husband.He lost all three duels, secretly married Mu Guiying, and returned, empty-handed, and a day late.Upon his return, his father was furious with his son, and ordered his execution for being tardy and not fulfilling his orders.Mu Guiying heard about the execution order, and came to General Yang Yanzhao's headquarters to plead for her new husband's like.Of course, General Yang Yanzhao's knew about the secret wedding, and his plan was to draw out Mu Guiying, and never to actually execute his son.The General demanded that Mu Guiying give him the secret to defeat the Heavenly Gate. Through some negotiation, she agreed and took charge of the army.Rather than fight in a decisive battle, she sent forces to the flank to burn and destroy the food and supplies of the forces. Since no force can maintain a protracted battle without supplies, they would need to depend on strong supply lines from a base. Mu Gui-Yang knew this, and sent forces to simultaneously attack the base city of the Liao army, and cut off the supply line.The forces of Great Liao now starving, and without any way to replenish arrows, and other weapons on the battlefield, were soundly defeated.After defeating Great Liao, the Song Emperor bestowed the official title of General upon Mu Guiying and threw a proper and royal wedding for Mu Guiying and Yang China, she is as famous, or perhaps more famous than Hua Mulan (who is only known in the western world from the Mulan Disney movie). Legend has it that she remained a Commanding General in the Song Army well into her 80's. She was a tough yet feminine woman throughout her life. One legend has it that she led the army in battle while pregnant, and gave birth to her son, Yang Wenguang on the battlefield.Material: all kinds of fabric and porcelain.Dimensions: 4"3/4Dx12"HVery Important: All the Doll was made by hand and the one you received may be a little deference from the one you saw in the picture.Preparation time:2-3 working days.
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