Pink Lily Bone China Juice Mug with Cover

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Bone China has an extremely glossy glazed surface while remaining translucent and thin. Chinese centuries old tradition and skill of fine hand-decorated porcelain is fast disappearing. Much of the fine hand painted look has now been replaced by mass produced porcelain. However, technology can only attempt to replicate the hand painted look, but true artistry of hand painted china can never be imitated because the artist touch and spirit will always be present in each brushstroke. We are proud to say that every piece of bone china at is truly hand made to perfection.All products are manufactured to the highest standards, using unleaded glaze and a blend of fine china clays and felspars to give a bright, classical, translucent finish.This item is a juice mug which is decorated with a pink lily patternDimensions: 4.52"x2.95" Preparation Time: 2-3 working daysHousewarming
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