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Porcelain is generally believed to have originated in China. Although proto-porcelain wares exist dating from the Shang Dynasty, by the Eastern Han Dynasty (100-200 CE) high firing glazed ceramic wares had developed into porcelain, and porcelain manufactured during the Tang Dynasty period (618?¨C906) was exported to the Islamic world where it was highly prized. With the material of porcelain, designed in a vivid image, decorated with a beautiful butterfly and oriental cherry, this porcelain piggy bank is a cute decoration to make your house in a unique look. There is a hole in the head of the piggy bank, and it is easier for you to insert the coins. If you give your child as a gift, he/she will get a big surprise.Material: Porcelain Dimensions: 6"3/8Hx4"1/8D Preparation time: 2-3 working days
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