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Melodicas have been very popular in music education, especially in Asia. They also turn up in popular music from time to time, particularly in reggae (played by such masters as Augustus Pablo) and even in blues (ex-Muddy Waters sideman Paul Oscher regularly uses a melodica in his live performances). The tone of the melodica is quite thin and reedy, at times reminiscent of the oboe.The Melodica is so easy to play that many educators use it for teaching the rudiments of harmony, chord formation, theory, and for choral work. You can play chords and single notes, sharps and flats just like a piano, but within a smaller range. A sweet-sounding instrument at a very affordable price. Portable, inexpensive and fun ~ perfect for camping or travel. With 13 keys and a tonal range from G through ESpecially designed mouthpieceDimensions: 15"Lx1"1/2DPreparation Time: 2-3 working days
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