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This little plaything is one kind of intelligent toys called LuBan lock which can trace back to the New Stone Age. An old toy reflects venerable culture transition. LuBan lock is a sort of intricate and highly skillful tenon-and-mortise relationship. It is a product of apices which Chinese timberwork and tenon-and-mortise skill have reached. Look at this lovely wooden toy, you need to assemble and install these scattered and anomalous modules according to the picture and put them into the rhombic frame. Do you feel it very easy? Have a try now, be more patient. You will find it absolutely a challenge, but you can get much joy through the whole process. Measurement: 3"1/4Lx4"1/4Wx1"1/2H Better for 3 ages and upward Preparation time: 2-3 working days
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