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This is a exquisite black Chinese style seal case. With golden color decoration and Chinese calligraphy on the top and sides, it was more nobler. This case is quite perfect for placing your seal. It was easy to slip open on the top. The role of seals in the Chinese culture can hardly be overestimated. For the last 3,000 years they have been used in official, private, even magic spheres. The earliest examples of seals come from the Shang dynasty (BCE 16-11 c.) from the archeological sites at Anyang. Today, engraved seals are often used as identification in financial or other business transactions. Seals also remain an integral part of Chinese art, as most artists affix their seal to their works. Without the artists seal, the authenticity of the piece is immediately suspect. Seals are also a favorite for both collectors and artists, as their carving requires a high level of skill, detail and artistic creativity. Black Chinese style seal case Slip away to open Exquisite and artistic collection item Material:wood Dimensions:1"1/2Wx5"Lx2"H. Preparation time: 2-3 working days
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