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All of our stationeries are full of Oriental features. Add your table a special taste. Our office stationery range covers all the things you'd expect to find on or around your desk. We are happy to assist you with invitations, personalized stationery, greeting cards, pencil holders, and other stationeries. Feel free to browse the categories above to get a better look into our large supply of in-stock and special order items. If you think you may be interested in anything we carry, simply stop by the store or contact us right away through the form at the right.
  • Picture Frames
    Picture Frames
    A graceful wine set with Chinese floral pattern,It is very beautiful. The term wine set is appropriate to this shape and illustrations of it in use, and appears to have been used in china. Our Wine warmer set provide a complete collection of elegant stemware that's perfect for entertaining. Wine lovers have always proclaimed that the smelling of wine is actually more significant than the tasting. Yet wine warmer sets made throughout hundreds of years have continued to ignore this fact until now. Just as the aroma of coffee precedes and strengthens the drinking pleasure that follows, the same can be said for the fine art of drinking wine If you're a wine connoisseur, you can find a better one from our website that make great gifts.
  • Pen Holders
    Pen Holders
    Shop our collection of pen holders. Whether you choose a brocade pen cup or a lanquer lacquer case, your pen collection will have a place to call its own.
  • Postcards
    A crystal ball is a crystal or glass ball believed by some people to aid clairvoyance. It is sometimes known as a shew stone. Crystal Balls can be used as oracles of divination by those who are clairvoyant. They come in many sizes, shapes, colors, types of crystal, with varying inclusions that sometimes allow a psychic to see things within the images created by the crystal itself, or more to the point, use of a clear quartz crystal ball with few inclusions or imperfections, and watching holographic images appear within. Like all of our clear crystal balls these have great clarity with no inclusions or surface defects.We have many Crystal Balls with the chinese style,such as Greatwall, Panda,and etc. Chinese people also believe that crystal balls are good for Feng Shui- the art of placement may bring you good fortune.
  • Bookmarks
    Our Chinese bookmarks are a great gift idea for the avid reader on your list, these bookmarks are handcrafted in fine sandalwoods, gold plating brass and so on...
  • Pens & Ball Pens
    Pens & Ball Pens
    Ballpoint pen is a modern writing instrument. A ballpoint pen has an internal chamber filled with a viscous ink that is dispensed at tip during use by the rolling action of a small metal sphere (usually 0.7 mm to 1.2 mm in diameter) of brass, steel or tungsten carbide. A ballpoint pen is a writing instrument which features a tip that is automatically refreshed with ink. It consists of a precisely formed metal ball seated in a socket below a reservoir of ink.We have many chinese styles Ballpoint pen,such a s 12Pcs Chinese Peking Opera Masks Cloisonne Ball Pen Set, Chinese Dragon Cloisonne Pen, and etc.If you like chinese culture, you can choose one from it, it is a good choice for you .
  • Card Holders & Memo Holders
    Card Holders & Memo...
    Can you believe the choices now available in card holder? From the international business card holder to the traditional leather business card holder, chinese card holders are becoming as individual as you are. Gifts for Professionals has a range of engraved chinese card holder that include traditional cases, large holders for carrying extra business cards, cases that include a handy ID window, European business card cases and more. Gifts for Professionals isn't even mentioning the colors for that perfect gift idea when someone wants more color in their lives! First impressions mean a lot, so even the little flourish of pulling your business card out of a fine chinese holder speaks volumes about who you are. And letting Gifts for Professionals add initials or a name to the card holder makes it that perfect personalized gift idea that is always appreciated! Also see the Gifts for Professionals desktop business card holder collection, which make great desk accessories.
  • Notebooks & Albums
    Notebooks & Albums
    Tibetan custom is as well known as the offering of a scarf in greeting. The scarf is an auspicious symbol. It lends a positive note to the start of any enterprise or relationship and indicates the good intentions of the person offering it. Tibetan scarfs are offered to religious images, such as statues of the Buddha, and to lamas and government. officials prior to requesting their help in the form of prayers or other services. Tibetan is Used in Tibetan Customs For Offerings and greeting. Whenever Tibetan People visit one another, or receive or visit a lama, they offer a scarf as a symbol of all things good. Also used adorning altars and Diety paintings . at this time, or at the very end, but this is not strictly necessary. Either for personal use or as a gift to friends, our Wallets would be a perfect choice for you.
  • Mouse Pad
    Mouse Pad
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