Strong Camel Sand Tea Cup

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This cup calls me to mind a interesting story about discovering purple sand when I look at this cup.In the past,had a strange monk.When he passed a village of Yixing,he ceaselessly shouted "Sell Wealthy clya".All residents felt strange,but no one took any action.So the monk continue shouted "Don't want to buy expensive thing,how about buying wealth" ?Afterward,he took along some people to Qing Dragon Mountain and Yello Dragon Mountain where produced Wealthy Soil.All of people seen colorful pottery clay.All above is about origin of purple sand.Purple sand craft start at Song dynasty and rise in Ming Dynasty.During hundreds years,undergoing boom-and-bust,world purple sand culture gradually form.If you are a fan for Chinese culture,you can't lack of a purple cup or set.It not only a tool for drinking tea,but also a health style of life. Material: Purple sands Traditional Chinese tea-ware. With top quality material and exquisite handwork Perfect for gift or use to make tea Preparation time: 3-5 working days
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