Tanned Brown Teapot with blossomed Plum Flower design

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An urbane representation of variety of the teapot?might have a symbolic of autumn and earthly design that will convey its historical styles and significant purpose to the world, by its creation of artisan that might call it as an ideal teapot in the country. This will be the accurate and exact meaning of iconic endurance that will bring positive outlooks in each area of the tea set. By its natural purpose of artistic handcraft of every detail; this will be a correct household utensil you would show to your family and friends. This allows the pot to soak up the tea and its precious flavor of your sipping the vital fluid that brings good to your health.

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Made of Yixing clay Teacup Dimension:3.5"x5.1" Color:Brown Preparation Time: 8-15 working days.
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