The China Opera Mask Textile Hanging Decoration

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This is a string of China Opera Mask hanging decoration. Made up of 5 deifferent masks, all the masks were hand embroidered by Chinese people. Take this full of culture item to your home for decoration, it would be quite different and special. Opera facial make-up originates from totem in ancient times, develops into facial paintings of the Song and Yuan Dynasties, and eventually takes the shape of facial costume of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is a pattern of put-on facial make-up for opera actors and actresses in the stereotype roles of "painted face" and clown. It plays the artistic functions of implying commendatory and derogatory connotations and differentiating benevolence and malevolence, enabling the audience to get a glimpse of the inner world of actors and actresses through their symbolic facial make-up. In this sense, facial make-up has obtained the reputation as "painting of heart and soul". Chinese style hanging decoration A string of China Opera facial make-ups Material: silk and satins Main size: 3"1/2W*4"1/2L*1/2H total length:39"Preparation time: 2-3 working days
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