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Chinese traditional Kraft note book with one Chinese Zodiac design on the cover. This one is Tiger pattern, all together 12 Zodiacs. The Chinese Zodiac as a part of the Chinese traditional culture was a way of counting the years. It was said that in ancient times,people always had problems for counting their age because of their bad memory.For solving it,the Jade Emperor came up with a simple idea that there would be twelf animals chosen for representing twelf years.If people could remember the circulation of the twelf, they would be able to easily work out their own age without mistakes.For the sake of the qualification,all the animals rushed to the Palace as fast as possible.Then, there were twelf animals chosen according to the ranking of arrival:mouse(Zi),ox(Chou),tiger(Yin),rabbit(Mao),dragon(Chen),snake(Si),horse(Wu),goat(Wei),monkey(Shen),cock(You),dog(Shu),pig(Hai).They were called the Chinese Zodiac later. Be Made of Kraft paper, this note book is a totally retro art work. Top opening, mini design, durable cover with secure sewn binding ensures long-lasting value, inside nostalgic kraft paper will make your every words written on it looks more special and fashion Make it as part of your life you'll love it.Material:Kraft paper 7"Lx5"Wx3/4H Preparation time: 2-3 working days
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