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A sophisticated tea set that have an influential in molding design and handcrafts; this believes. It had been developed during Song Dynasty were tea pots had been made of Yixing clay, and as of today are famous. They are considered that, the name of this tea set was popularized in tiny city located on Jiangsu Province were fixed composites of iron ore results in this inimitable tinge are found. It was fired without glaze in order to steep specific types of oolong teas. Since the permeable temperament of clay, it would gradually? by using brewing one kind of tea, by artisan of seasoning was part of using mud. Some are created by fanciful animal shape of set; they believe that brings good luck and success.

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Made of Yixing clay Teacup Dimension:2"x1.1" Teapot Dimension:4.3"x3.1" Color:Brown Preparation Time: 8-15 working days.
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