Three Kids with Longevity & Happiness and Handsome Salary Dough Figurines Set

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Dough modeling, also called "dough figure", is mainly made of sticky rice flour and painted with various colors. Firstly, the artisan nips, rubs, kneads, and pulls the dough in his hand. Then the artisan cleverly uses little bamboo knife to point, slice, carve, cut the dough in order to shape the body, hand, hair, face, and wearing of the figurine. In a short time, the vivid and lifelike figurine comes in to view.These are the figurines of fortune boy with happiness, fortune boy with wealth and fortune boy with longevity. The fortune boy with happiness wears yellow clothes and holds an ornamental scepter,besides, his two little plaits are erecting on the head. The fortune boy with wealth wears green cloth and holds a gold ingot with lovely hair knot. The fortune boy of longevity wears red clothes and holds a scepter on which a peach is hanging.He is running happily. These three lovely fortune boys will bring wishes of happiness, wealth, and longevity to those who possess these figurines.These figurines stand firmly on a wooden bottom in a transparent glass cover. The package is added simple and antique flavor. The dough modeling, being anti-mildew, anti-crack, deforming-proof, fadeless and portable, is the best craftwork for you to collect or to decorate your house.Dimensions: 3"1/2Hx2"DPreparation time:2-3 working days
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