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What a precise style of this necklace with Tibetan style as well as with crescent and leaves shape pendant that brings an excellence when wearing it. Moreover, by its blue beads is the elegance which brings an excellence that will surely be admired by every woman who likes to attain it with satisfaction, by its material of cupronickel plus a turquoise with a colorful, black, red and cyan, which gives a preeminent elegance which might bring a providence when put on view that will steadily be admired. Furthermore, this will certainly be the best as well as the finest of a necklace which might provide an excellence with style and sophistication.

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Made of Cupronickel,Turquoise Dimension:3.54"x3.45" Perimeter:23.6" Color:Colorful,Black,Red,Cyan Preparation Time: 8-15 working days.
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