Turquoise And Tibetan Painting Pentant

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Tibetans use their dexterous hands and peculiar Tibetan silver, yak bone, and carnelian in the Tibetan area to make the totems worshiped for generations-Tibet decorations. This one is another masterpiece. Made of Tibetan silver and turquoise, it has natural emblazonry and exquisite craft. The crystal blue turquoise inlaid in the silver seems to be magic and dreamy. Along with your breath, it goes up and down on your neck, not only accentuating the delicateness of your skin, but also sending out a secluded beauty. Together with the Tibetan totem painting on the turquoise, you will immerse in the blue dreamland all this cool summer.Made of Tibetan Silver and Turquoise Measurement: 1"1/2L Preparation time: 2-3 working days
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