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These gorgeous brushes has a bamboo handle and horn ferrule, comes to a terrific point and flows beautifully. The are made with finest Weasel hair to offer optimum water holding capacity. Flexible enough to draw fine lines and broad strokes with the flick of the wrist. Chinese character writing is a highly evolved discipline that relies as much on artistic craftsmanship, as it does on literary composition. Nicely presented in chinese brocade gift box Material: weasel hair, bamboo Hair brushes: made of weasel's hair, suitable to artistic writings and calligraph works A traditional item for Chinese literature and art Top quality, Siff point 5pcs in one set 5 brushes' size are:11" 10"3/4 10"1/2 10"1/4 10" Preparation time: 2-3 working days * Tips:How to take care of the calligraphy brush A new brush is stiff because its hairs are covered with a layer of diluted glue to protect them from possible damage. Before you begin to use a new calligraphy brush you have to wash the glue away. Put your hand under the flowing tap water and form a well with your palm. Place the brush tuft in this well and rotate it in the water that collects in your hand gently and without pressure. Do not put the brush directly under the tap water as you could damage the hairs. Soon you will notice that the tuft hairs start to loosen. Continue soaking and rotating the calligraphy brush until all hairs are fully loosened. Some calligraphers or sumi painters open the calligraphy brush only one third or two thirds. This depends on the type of hairs and the technique you use. Do not leave the brush in a jar with water, because the weight of the calligraphy brush can break or damage the tip of the brush. Take good care of your calligraphy brush, because the hairs are very delicate. After each session you should rinse your brush under tap water in the same way as when you open a new brush. Pay attention to the ink, which remains in the belly of the calligraphy brush, press it out with soft movements from the belly of the brush towards the tip until there is no ink left in it. Then squeeze the brush gently and bring it to a pointed shape. Hang it with the tip down and let it dry well.
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