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Traditional Chinese Festival Fish Tang padded Clothing for Boys

$69.99 $129.99
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Traditional Chinese Festival Lucky Wave Tang padded Clothing for Boys

$69.99 $129.99
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Traditional Chinese Festival Tang padded Clothing for Boys

$69.99 $129.99
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Brocade Mandarin Collar Plum Blossom Evening Dress Chinese Dress Qipao

$19.99 $69.99
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70cm width Silk Fabric with Tibetan Clothing Design

$32.89 $46.99
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70cm width Silk Fabric with Dragon Design

$39.89 $56.99
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75cm width Silk Fabric with Fire Dragon Design

$14.99 $19.99
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75cm width Silk Fabric with Honeysuckle Design

$14.24 $18.99
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  • Flower Girl Dress
    Flower Girl Dress
    We specialize in offering the cutest flower girl dresses for weddings, Baptism, Christening, Communion, Easter and other special events at the lowest prices possible. Thousands of wedding flower girl dresses in stock and waiting for a home. Our flower girl dress styles are hand picked from top Chinese designers. We carry couture flower girl dresses as well as the simple classic styles. Every flower girl dress is already marked with a deep discount without sacrificing the quality and elegance expected in formal wedding wear. Scroll down to find your color dress now.
  • Wedding Gown
    Wedding Gown
    There are few moments in a woman's life, as important and memorable as her wedding day. Young women aspire to wear them to mark various milestones in their lives. Think of the bride in her wedding gown looking stunning and radiant. Whether you are looking for bridal gowns, prom dresses, or formal bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaids, GoodOrient has the look that will fit your style and budget. Whatever your style, GoodOrient can help you find the perfect wedding dress or bridesmaid gowns for your once-in-a-lifetime evening. GoodOrient is the right choice for any special occasion.
  • Prom Dress
    Prom Dress
    Welcome to the most dramatic collection of Prom, Pageant and Party dresses! Our designers want to send you into your event looking like the hottest celebrity walking down the Red Carpet! Okay, ready, set, go! You've been asked to the prom and now it's time to go prom dress shopping. If you haven't already begun to look into buying prom dresses than you had better get looking! Prom dress shopping has gone virtual now. It's almost that time for your Prom! GoodOrient has a great selection on all colors and sizes of PROM DRESSES and FORMAL DRESSES. Shop here for all your prom dress needs.
  • Head Ornaments
    Head Ornaments
    Bridal pictures lock in the look of the wedding day for all posterity, so the bride goes to great effort to perfect every aspect, including the hair. Once you've got your dress it's time to decide what to wear on your head. Wedding headdress can act as a great accessory to the wedding dress, or stand out on its own. It can denote elegance, modesty, or regality. There are a variety of wedding headdresses in our online shop, and the styles are quite different. If you wear it on your head, you will seem like a pretty lovely queen or a marvelous queen. With suitable price and excellent, you may buy our wedding headdress reassuring.
  • Necklaces & Earrings
    Necklaces & Earrings
    Girls look at a wedding as the beginning of romance. In fact, it takes time and effort to assembling your dream wedding. And the bride wants everything to be organized to be perfect. Apart from the bridal dress, one of the most important parts of the bridal wearing is the gorgeous and beautiful bridal jewelry. Bridal jewelry is essential to perfect the bride's appearance for the big day. Your bridal jewelry is an important part of your wedding day ensemble and must be not only affordable but absolutely perfect too. You'll find it here! Also cheap bridal jewelry here. If you need help with your selection, you can contact us. We're looking forward to helping you create the look that dreams are made of!
  • Veils
    Today's wedding veils are certainly different from what wedding veils used to be in the past. You don't see the faces of brides covered up as much anymore. Instead, the wedding veil has become more of an accessory to highlight both the face of the bride and the wedding dress as well. Each veil is individually handmade and is available from shoulder length to cathedral. You can also order any veil length you desire. Finding the perfect wedding accessories for your wedding day can take a little searching. GoodOtient offers single, double, and three-tier veils. Take a look at our new wedding veils.
  • Gloves
    Any bride would like to succeed into creating her wedding outfit is to make herself look as a divine presence. Excepting the bridal dress, details are important as well. Lovely wedding gloves could enhance unimaginable effect of wedding dresses. They certainly elevate the formal walk down the aisle, but finding wedding gloves that are affordable can be a challenge. The main colors of the wedding gloves are white and ivory. Beside there is always the embroidery beading along the sleeve. And the pearls are the usual elements on the wedding gloves. Our wedding gloves are now in hot sale, please don¡¯t miss this nice opportunity.
  • Petticoats
    Bridal dresses are meant to work with wedding petticoats underneath it. For certain types of wedding gowns, the proper wedding petticoat is needed to help keep everything in place as well as add to the comfort of the bride. They add volume and extra elegance to the dress. The wedding petticoat in their wedding dresses which seems to prove that they will probably become fashionable Very soon. Wedding petticoats are crucial to how your wedding dress may look like when you walk towards the altar. If you wear the petticoats from GoodOrient, you will seem like an angle. In addition, it can also make you warm, if you get married in the deep autumn or winter. Cheap wedding petticoats, widely variety, superior quality, and competitive pricing are our tenet.
  • Purses
    After you determining wedding dress, your shoes, jewelry and bridal hand bags will all have to be carefully selected to match and compliment every single aspect of your dress. Absolutely need hand bags on wedding day, where put cell phone, a comb, and lipstick. Lipstick came in hand bag because the bride has to reapply it several times from ¡°kissing everyone, drinking, and talking so much¡±! The bridal handbags are very necessary to the bride at the wedding. There are many styles of the bridal handbags in our online shop. The handmade and the machine made bridal handbags are the basic styles. Each hand bag can give others an impression. So just have a choice from GoodOrient, you can find your unique one.
  • Shawls
    Perfect Details offers a selection of custom made wedding shawls and wraps in a variety of styles. From the luxurious feel of faux furs & cashmere to the seductive look of silk bridal shawls, this season's wedding wraps and shawls give a lavish glamour, and let one look forward to a little chill in the air. Need to add a feminine touch which will allow you to cover your shoulders? A light weight organza bridal wrap or cashmere wedding shrug is a fabulous solution. For fall and winter weddings, faux fur or duchess silk satin will add warmth and a beautiful touch.
  • Wedding Accessories
    Wedding Accessories
  • Asian Wedding Favors
    Asian Wedding Favors
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