Wooden Round Eight Angle Ball

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Have you heard of LuBan, a famous carpenter in Chinese history? Once he made a fancy toy composed of six wood blocks for his son. Unexpectedly, the little boy spent 24 hours on the apparently easy process from disconnecting to restoring. Since then, this kind of intellect toy has been widespread, called LuBan lock. This ball is a kind of LuBan lock made of wood, composed of six wood blocks with same figure. Perhaps you can easily disconnect them, but you may find it difficult to make them back up to a round ball which was to be. Do you want to get back your childhood delectable memory? Do you want to be super clever? Try to rise to the challenge this intellect toy brings to you. Small ball gives you a magic experience! Measurement: 2"1/2Lx2"1/2Wx2"1/2H Preparation time: 2-3 working days
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