Yixing Clay and Wood Kung Fu Tea Set

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A made of clay and wood set of tea that will suits to your everyday drinking of tea. By its natural purpose of artistic handcraft of every detail, this will be exact tea set you would show to your family and friends. It allows the pot to soak up the tea and its density of your sipping the essential liquid that brings good to your health. It had a set of tea cups with tea pots and wood and clay figurine that might give an ornamental view as well excellent luck of success that may bring wealth and happiness to your home.

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Made of Yixing clay,,Wood Teacup Diameter:1.4" Teapot Diameter:2.3" Color:Dark Borwn Include:1* tea tray 10* tea cups 10 *smelling cups 1* big share cup 1* bowl with fitted cover 1 *teapot 1 *toad(tea pet) 1 *tea caddy(including 6 items) 1* spring(-supported) mount 1 *tea filler 1 *tea towel 1 *Tea brush 2 *statues Preparation Time: 8-15 working days.
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