Chinese Media Hails Peng Liyuan As Fashion Icon On Overseas Visit

“Whatever She Wears, Ordinary People Will Imitate” 

In the trending news about Peng Li Yuan’s attire and her visit in Moscow which media all over the world had eyes on her, adressed that her tour in the US was successfully achieved. This acclaimed first lady of China (referred by the American and Chinese media) shone in the spotlight not only as the political figure but a fashion enthusiast that critics called it as an image of a materialistic society because of her luxurious wardrobe with label gives attention whenever she had an out of the country visits. At the age of 50, she’s still gorgeous and active in any sedulous appointment that is considered as the lending hand of China on behalf of her husband President Xi Jinping, in order to reach an outcome of building a secured relationship and advent of peaceful nations.

Their visits in Trinidad, as well in Tobago and Costa Rica which features by Xinhua proves that Peng’s fashion taste gives the designer’s name of what she was wearing which media wouldn’t allow to reveal, since her husband were known for the fact as the truculent and active-supporter of the anticorruption movement in China at this modern age. As stated by Hua Huang, the editor of iLook tells that most of the Peng’s clothes were a traditional Asian design that pertains and promotes Chinese fashion which publicity introduces it as the national encouragement in presenting the culture of China.

This propaganda scheme brings the spirit of every Chinese designer as well the local people in China who idolized Peng’s being a sovereign to her country by wearing the clothes of its native nation, with the state-of-the-art styles and designs that confined society imitate it since its eminent figure on fashion stream is sparkling and allured throughout the online news, microbloggers as well on the televisions.

Media throughout the world admired the promoting style of Peng since she has the gallery of photos in the Daily Mails were a lot of her outfits showed from the beginning of the trip. She was compared to the Britains duchess of Cambridge, the former Kate Middleton  who enjoys wearing the designs of Isaa, a born Brazilian designer. As well, the first lady of America, Michelle Obama has also let the designer Jason Wu designed her a wearing gown in inauguration last month. And according to the news, The first ladies may not have the chance to take a photo op since the first lady Obama might not accompany President Obama at the Xi-Obama’s meeting. This might be the venture on bringing the scrutiny of attention in the media.

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