20 Beautiful Traditional Chinese Wedding Dresses With Morden Design

The theme of the Chinese wedding ceremony is to congratulate, use various festive elements. And Western wedding always lies in witnesses and blessings, invite relatives and friends, witness a combination of love and pray for them. A Chinese-Western wedding can combine the two, not just to prove that you are in love, nor is it a lively show for others, but a wedding about gratitude, sharing, and blessing.

Chinese Wedding dress also have classification:

Traditional style:

The traditional Chinese wedding dress style is a form of wedding that draws on different dynasties and is used directly in modern wedding dresses to form a retro bride image. Many young people imitate the ancient wedding form, so the retro wedding meets the preferences of some young people. For example, the Hanfu wedding that has risen in recent years.

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National Style:

The national style is a wedding dress style that imitates the wedding costumes of all ethnic groups in China. The ethnic style wedding dress can follow or draw on the styles of various national wedding dresses, decorate the lights and form a bride image with a national charm.

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chinese dresschinese dresschinese dress

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Modern Style:

Based on the traditional Chinese wedding dresses or a few ethnic wedding dresses, the modern Chinese wedding dresses combine the modern wedding dress fashion trends with the modern aesthetic tastes, blending the styles of modern wedding payment features, which have both classical charm and Modern in style, it is a modern Chinese wedding dress.

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