Be Entice With Paper Lanterns

During Christmas, every person is busy doing a lot of things as preparation. People create a list of their Christmas gift. Some are busy shopping in advance to avoid traffic in the mall counter as Christmas season comes where people keep in hurry and rush to shop. There are a lot of parties and occasions that can be found too specially in companies and for family gathering. But, we can perfectly see the scent of Christmas if we found colorful Christmas lights and other wonderful decorations along the streets. And, most of us see lanterns along the streets and respective houses during Christmas in common. This serves as representation of culture and a sign of Yuletide season. 

Paper lanterns are simple Christmas decoration. It is usually a paper bag with a candle placed inside. However, some of the lanterns consist of metal frame of hoops, collapsible bamboo, and perfectly covered with tough paper. Thus, there are different ways to create this that comes in different shapes and sizes as desired. You can use your imaginative mind to create touch and accentuate the said lanterns. In fact, some does it with the use of silk with metal expander. Chinese characters are also incorporated to give decoration more color and give emphasize on the designs. The sunlight, rain, and wind are the common causes that affect the beauty and color of the lanterns. Because of these, it may fade and damage. But there is no need to worry about it. Vinyl lanterns are more durable and protect you from these. Compared to other lanterns, this can survive long much more the silk lanterns that last even longer.


These lanterns can be considered as attractions too in various festivals like in China and Japan home decoration. Most of the time, the Japanese has their own style. Bonbori and chochi as its name are the common and traditional approach in doing these lanterns. And, as its uniqueness, chochin moji serves as their lettering identity. Furthermore, there are lanterns used to capture your eyes at night during festival. This is the so called sky lantern, an airborne paper lantern. This creates an aesthetic effect and gives bright, charming, and beautiful effect in the sky.


In China, Baby’s Bottom, Rolling Paper, Tomato Light, Crystal Magic, and Buddha’s Gastronomy are the classifications of the lanterns. These five distinct classes have its own identity and representations. For instance, the Buddha’s Gastronomy that can be found as decoration in temples. Similarly, to highlight the artistry of the lantern, they used Christmas lights like in Baby’s Bottom. In some restaurants and bars, Rolling Paper, as another class of lanterns is often associated. Finally, the Tomato Light and Crystal Magic come in various shapes and size where the former comes in classic round and the latter in round or capsule-shaped.

These what makes these lanterns unique in its own. In its variety of style and approach, you can engage your imagination to enhance it. No wonder that it can entice you the moment you seen it in festivals and similar occasions like Christmas.