Beauty in the Sky Lantern

Most of the people look at the sky at night because of the wonderful scenery like numbers of stars forming figure and the moon the gives bright. Figuring the calmness of the surroundings and the wilderness of nature. In some instances, fireworks are also a reason for this matter especially in different festivities and occasions. But, are you aware that lanterns too can be amazingly give bright and color to the sky? That it can capture your eyes and be surprised as well? A lantern that would surely let you realized that there are other ways to have this enormous sky accentuated and enhanced. This small hot air balloon typically made of paper it is. The so called sky lantern or chinese Lantern.


The sky lantern started centuries ago for play or associates it in long-established festivities. There are various named that have been referred to sky lantern such as sky candles or fire balloons. But, originally, its named is just a translation of tian deng, a Chinese name. Traditionally, oiled rice paper on a bamboo frame is the figure of sky lantern. In order to suspend a small fire sourcing from small candle or fuel cell, it has its opening at the bottom. Different countries have their own ways of creating and designing the lanterns. In Mexico for instance, the lantern can be a couple of meters across or about 30 cm at least. But, despite of the size, 10 to 30 cm wide is the usual opening. Furthermore, in order to suspend the flame, it is being surrounded by stiff collar. This is also the reason to keep it away from the walls. In Thailand, Taiwan, and Mainland China, they use oiled paper on a bamboo frame as its prime materials. Because of the diversification, the lantern can be created with the use of any light papers. Thus, it can give an idea that many other materials can be used to construct this.  Small candle or fuel cell is the common source of hot air.

To see colorful and wondrous sky lanterns,in American countries can provide you this chinese  products  .They used various bright color of “silk paper” or translucent paper that was glued together providing dazzling and extraordinary blend. This can bring multicolored polyhedral shell. 


Some claimed that sky lanterns are the possible explanation of the sightings of extraordinary things in the sky like UFO. Once lit, the density is lowered brought by the flame that heats the lantern resulting it to rise. However, once there is no flame, the lanterns tend to sinks back to the ground since it is an airborne. Likewise, as long as the flame stays alight, it will hover and flutter in the sky.

 Recently, sky lantern is an attraction in various countries in the world. Though it is full of fun and amusement, some areas in Asia do not permit this because of the possible hazard for fire and danger to livestock and its area that are volatile. However, if you want to experience flying the sky lantern, it must be done in a wide area and requires extra care.