China and Its Symbol

China, a country rich with historical and figures is like a blooming flower in the heart of Asia. The world known them and learned their culture because it has significant value to today’s generation.  And these are the following: Kung Fu, their cuisine, various philosophies, exotic medicines and their language itself. Kung Fu a Chinese … Continue reading China and Its Symbol

Symbols of China

China has been known because of its origin in trade, commerce, and cultural heritage. As a result, many people have been curious about it. They are even curious about the symbols of China or what made this country unique. Are you one of them?  Do you want to take a glimpse with its vast identical … Continue reading Symbols of China

Chinese kungfu

Chinese Kung Fu, refers to the Chinese people in their daily lives with social philosophy, medicine, ethics, military science, aesthetics, qigong and other traditional cultural ideas and cultural concepts, focusing on internally and externally, such as the overall concept of yin and yang change in concept, form monotheism, gas theory, dynamic and static that the … Continue reading Chinese kungfu

Ancient Chinese Weapons

The civilization of ancient China has developed renowned martial arts and battle techniques. A predominant example of such arts is Kung-Fu. The Chinese army was a very successful force commanded by the Chinese emperor in the Asian continent. It checked the power of many other nations in Southeast Asia. The weapons used by the ancient … Continue reading Ancient Chinese Weapons