China’s Peng Liyuan is influencing the nation’s style – and mood

China’s refered as the first lady by the Chinese and American media, Peng Liyuan just manage to visit US to joined her husband, President Xi Jinping just address to take a visit for President Obama on a summit at Sunnylands where she brought her dazzling appearance of fashion that represents the modern Chinese designs and styles in the world. This native of Yuncheng county of Shandong province was knowned for its folk songs and enchanting voice that was certainly famous as soprano in 1982 with a cession of CCTV New Years Gala. Way back in 1980’s, Xi and Peng was introduced  by their friends until they became a couple for over 25 years.

When they traveled in Russia by her husband, she was commonly searched in Weibo at the China’s Twitter of version. It was reported that her winter coat might find in the Amazon-Chinese company at the cyber-world of fashion like Taobao which hit in the online-market. But sooner her name  was blocked by the online of what the outfit she wore in Russia which no longer exist that gives a not positive outlook for her husband since she was famous than him. With its style of wearing outfits like the first lady before her, it yields an excellence in Chinese fashion statement that will truly be admire and provided a support from her. Her outfit were shown and worn by her with like white suit with mandarin collar plus a turqouise scarf. It was designed by the Gaungzho based designer, Ma ke, she was the one who subsequently bring the Exception of Mixmind label as well as the Wuyong brand which set out on Paris of 2008. She also known for her combining of Chinese style with modern designs that was worn by Peng on a certain event.

One of the editor of Vogue magazine, Angelica Cheung demand an interview with Peng, she confirmed that she believes, this might be the similar to Michelle Obama when she became a cover in a Vogue magazine in 2009. But the feedback for China’s government is still no for the answer of becoming a firts lady of the President into the spotlight. Surely the communist party may not able to decide or ready to embrace a leader’s wife into an apparent portrayal in which, this is a customary basis in way back years of China.

This was been said by the Chinese historian, Zhang Lifan, that even the early President, Mao Zedong, his wives were abject for jailed when they step into the limelight. Moreover, the idea of showing the brand of what Peng’s wearing might indulge in every fashion retailers in the world. In growing of purchasing luxury goods in China is the trending that will truly bring an abundant profit for the designers as well as of manufacturing of clothes with branded logo.

That’s why Peng and Ma just silence of not utilizing their affinity when it comes to endorsing their wardrobe designs as well to as wear only for personal matter. Sometimes, someone tells that Peng’s wardrobe when she wore is just to show the good looks with it, the way she carry it with pride and honor. As well, this is also to represents the China’s great statement in clothings that gives a high standard of styles and design in the world. 

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