China and Its Symbol

China, a country rich with historical and figures is like a blooming flower in the heart of Asia. The world known them and learned their culture because it has significant value to today’s generation.  And these are the following: Kung Fu, their cuisine, various philosophies, exotic medicines and their language itself.

Kung Fu a Chinese martial arts is composed of a various number of fighting style focusing on fighting method that was formed over a long period in China and is popular all over the world. The fighting styles are branched into two “sects” or “families” according to common traits they shared. Kung Fu is divided into internal and external. “Qi” the internal Kung Fu focuses on strengthening the mental ability of the human or also called Taichi Kung Fu. While the external one is with the cardiovascular fitness or Shaolin Kung Fu. Depending to the location, there are the Northern and Southern Sects. Other than this, China is also well-known of food of various styles.

The Chinese cuisine is known, for its colorful designs, tender and mixtures of different tastes and the strong aroma. It gives off that is sure to entice the heart of its consumer. But putting all the cuisines together, the Sichuan Canton, Shandong, and Jiangsu cuisines are the most mainstream. While sweet and sour pork, gong bao chicken, ma po tofu, fried rice with egg and pecking duck are more popular among western people.

Other than delicious cuisines and influential martial arts, China is also known dates back to long ago for their thoughtful philosophies. One of the most popular is the Confucianism. Confucianism started dates back to the Spring and Autumn period (771-476 BC). It can be said as the philosophy that molded the civilization of china and the philosophy that extended to almost much of the human race.

Chinese characters are one of the bases of every other character of different countries in Asia like Japan. It has the “Square-block character” feature that is known to be the oldest way of writing that is continually used till this date, which belongs to the Morpheme syllabic language of ideographic writing. But because it started dated back to the day of the late Sang Dynasty (14th-11th century before Christ), the Chinese characters have significantly changed till the simplified Chinese character here now used in Mainland china.

Medicinal herbs in China or Traditional Chinese Medicine is a branch of learning that studies the physiology and pathology of the human body. By that, diagnosis of the disease is made and also along with the cure or treatment for the disease. The history of TCM started from the 3rd century of BC. Yet throughout the history it has gradually changed according to the modernizing medicinal basis of this day. Chinese medicines imply safety to user if brought by a practiced practitioner and prescribed accurately. But nowadays, the standard had became low because Chinese and also foreign natives uses the name for different money scams. Other than that, there is a main difference between Chinese medicine and the Westernian ones. Chinese medicine has two components: the Yin (outer) and Yang (inner). In general belief, the yin and yang can described everything in the universe, and yin and young had been mostly the basis of Chinese medicine.

China has various symbolic contributions to the world, and for the sure future. It has a lot of purpose and serves a pattern in new discoveries and applications. It will still continually to be of used to the other different culture and people of the world.

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