madded jacket

Traditional Chinese-style madded jacket may remind some people of the old times. In those days Chinese people did not know that their everyday clothing style-such as qipao, dudo (an undergarment covering the chest and abdomen), and madded jacket – would last for thousands of years and become the favorites of modern Chinese women. Of course, the simple Chinese-style clothes of the old time have been updated and beautified.


On the street you’ll find many Chinese women dressing in Chinese-style jacket. The low straight collar, beautiful coiled buttons and embroidery patterns on the jackets can be seen as the symbols of the Chinese style. Updated with modern design and fashionable colors, these modest jackets can show the graceful and peaceful disposition of a person.

Madded jacket, the well-known old Chinese  style dress, has been popular for centuries. These days it is made of cotton or tapestry satin. The high neck, slit skirt show the beautiful of a woman. Women like dress it in winter days. The beauty it inspires will impress all the passengers. It can also be seen in the hotels or restaurants where the female attendants and waitresses wear them to give a good impression to the guests or show the style the hotel has.

Personal collections of artistic photos are very popular among young people in China. The women usually wear Chinese-style dresses for the photos. Lovely girls with the traditional dresses look just like ladies from an ancient family of good social standing.


The wadded jacket has become the daily wear of the bold and vanguard young ladies in winter. In winter the jacket feels great to wear. Chinese-style fashion has drastically changed over time, the way Chinese dressed and the fashion trend of the country were also changing. Especially in some big city, the women like chinese-style jackets much more. Some girl want to show their special. So its not just the hostesses on TV who like to sport Chinese-style clothes when hosting a program or a talk show, ordinary people like to wear them too.

Chinese women will certainly become more and more beautifully dressed as the heritage of Chinese-style clothes evolve.

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